Arnica Tremblant

Meet Celine; the host of Arnica Tremblant - 2 beautiful, fully equipped condos located in Mont Tremblant.

How long have you been hosting?

Since 2006!

Do you live on site?

No, we do not.

What is your favourite thing about being a VR host?

Creating memories for my guests.

What is your greatest challenge as a VR host?

Being on top of everything is challenging. Some days are really busy. I do all of the booking and maintenance but have the best cleaning lady. I know I need software to automate some processes.

If you could share one lesson that you've learned with other hosts, what would it be?

Avoid repeated guest's questions by providing a digital welcome book. We did our own as we are software programmers, but my friend is a partner in an excellent business called Touch Stay.

Do you have any interesting stories that stand out from your time as a VR host?

The biggest horror story is when police called us letting us know that our kitchen went up in flames. On the bright side, we were able to advertise our property as having a newly renovated kitchen the following year. Always see the good in bad situations!

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