We Asked The Experts


We asked a number of hotel managers. What is it you look for while buying linens? 
Overwhelming response was :



Must have clean, crisp, fresh and bright white look.

WHY – Guests demand pristine clean. White means you are accountable, guests appreciate this. White can be bleached if need be. Colors could suggest you're hiding stains and too soft is interpreted by some as warn, old, and used.


Supplier must be easily accessible for ease of replenishment.

WHY- Relying on a consistent supply and supplier saves a bundle in time and management. 


Design must be simple and consistently available.

WHY – Elaborate design will lock you into one manufacturer or brand. Maintaining inventory consistency equates to efficiency. 


Price point must be reasonable.

WHY – Spend too much and you are less inclined to generously replenish. 


Items must be separately available. (Hoteliers don’t buy in sets)

WHY – Pillowcases, top sheets, and fitted sheets experience varied lifespans.


Quick drying for efficient turnovers. (single ply sheets- Long fibers)

WHY – Quick turnover is king. Heavy cotton sheets, or plush bath mats for example take too long to dry.


No shrinkage. (Poly blend not 100% cotton)

WHY – Shrinking or pilling can render the product unusable.  


Durable enough to withstand commercial laundering. 

WHY – Must stand up to the rigors of routine laundering, guest wear and tear. Poly blend adds strength and durability.




  • Bought 5 sets a few years ago at The Bay. Then couldn’t replace when needed more. This makes more sense.

  • Was steered toward microfiber . Don’t go there. Hair, lint, everything sticks to it.

    Tried theses , crispy , not soft. But if I’m traveling this is what I’d rather sleep on.

    Tried and guest s like the prestige clean white crisp feel

  • I stop and think about what I expect while traveling. Definitely white crisp clean.


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