Selecting Bedsheets for your Vacation Rental


We asked vacation rental hosts what kind of sheets they prefer at home and 50% said white, while the other 50% said patterned or colored. We asked those same hosts what kind of sheets they prefer when traveling and 100% said white. The results are clear, and white sheets should always be used in vacation rentals. This allows guests to quickly inspect sheets for cleanliness and makes them feel more comfortable! So, save the funky design touches to throw pillows and wall art and keep your bedding simple.


Now that we are on the same page about color, let's talk about material. 100% cotton sheets are great at home but when washed repeatedly, will shrink and pill which disqualifies them from being hotel-quality. A poly-blend on the other hand, adds the durability needed to withstand multiple washes, prevents shrinking and doesn't require ironing if taken out of the dryer warm. The vacation rental "sweet spot" we've found are quality poly-blend 250 thread count single ply sheets.

What To Look For When Ordering

What Why
Must have clean, crisp, fresh and bright white look.
Guests demand pristine clean. White means you are accountable and guests appreciate this. White can be bleached if need be. Colors suggest you are hiding stains and too soft equates to warn out, old, and used.
Supplier must be easily accessible for ease of replenishment.
Relying on a consistent supplier saves a bundle in time and management.
Design must be simple and consistently available.
Elaborate designs will lock you into one manufacturer or brand. Maintaining inventory consistency equates to efficiency.
Price point must be reasonable.

Spend too much, and you will be less inclined to generously replenish.

Items must be separately available.
Pillowcases, top sheets, and fitted sheets experience varied lifespans.
Quick drying for efficient turnovers.

Quick turnover is king. Heavy cotton sheets, or plush bath mats take eons to dry. Think single ply sheets!

No shrinkage
Shrinking or piling can render the product unusable. 
Poly blend is the way to go.
Durable enough to withstand commercial laundering.

Must stand up to the rigors of routine laundering and guest wear and tear.

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