Idabel Estate

Meet James; the host of Idabel Estate - a luxurious modern cabin home set on 2 private acres just steps from Idabel Lake.

How long have you been hosting?

My first group was late May 2019.

Do you live on site?

Yes, I live in the rental home when it is not rented. When it is rented, guests have access to the whole house and property, minus the barn. I have a large barn with a trailer setup inside on the property for myself to stay in so I'm nearby for any guest inquiries.

What is your favourite thing about being a VR host?

Sharing my space and a bit of my life with many people. I'm living my own dream come true, and my house and home are my pride and joy. I love being able to share that with as many people as possible.

What is your greatest challenge as a VR host?

Fitted bed sheets. I hate folding them and I can never put them on right the first time.

If you could share one lesson that you've learned with other hosts, what would it be?

Over prepare. Give yourself more time than you think to clean and tidy. Stock up and get extras on all the little things.

Do you have any interesting stories that stand out from your time as a VR host?

One of my main group categories had been bachelorettes. After one group had left, my neighbour discretely asked me if I could make sure the 'entertainment' stays inside.
Apparently the bachelorette had hired a 'Butler in the Buff' to serve drinks, etc for the evening. (I didn't notice, the hooting and hollering was consistent the entire stay.)
The Butler went to his vehicle to get more supplies in nothing but a very small apron wrapped around his waist at the same moment my neighbour happened to be nearby. A weekend of beautiful bachelorette girls, and my poor innocent neighbour Todd happened to glance and see that of all things!

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