Things Every Vacation Host Needs

When stocking up your vacation rental property, there are a lot of different necessities, luxuries, and supplies to keep in mind. It may seem overwhelming– how can you anticipate the needs of every kind of guest that passes through? And what are some ways you can possibly increase your potential for revenue?

Thankfully, VR Supplies has a brief guide to some of the vacation home supplies every good host needs. Stock up on these products, and your guests will be guaranteed to come back for future stays, as well as recommend you to others.

When it comes to sleeping arrangements, consider purchasing furniture that will allow for a higher occupancy. Futons and pull-out couches mean more guests can stay in your property at once, opening up your home to larger groups that are willing to pay higher prices. And be sure to provide them hotel quality sheets so that their sleep is comfortable. It’s worth paying more for bedding that will leave them with a good impression.



The same goes for your toiletries and bathroom linens. Spring for towels that are thick and fluffy. Buy hotel laundry supplies and small but quality versions of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and other necessities. Guests want to not have to worry about packing absolutely everything they might need, and they’ll feel relieved and comfortable at seeing all of your amenities. 



Be sure the kitchen is stocked with all of the essentials. One of the benefits of staying at a vacation rental instead of a hotel is the use of a kitchen so guests don’t have to eat out as much. If you keep your kitchen well-equipped, guests will be pleased to see all of the tools, appliances, dishes, cutlery, and basic spices they might need to make their favorite meals. Provide them with dish soap so they can wash up, and also so they can do you a favor and keep the place clean. Also highly essential is a coffee maker and kettle, so guests can wake themselves up in the morning with a fresh cup. If you want to make a strong impression, you might also leave them a small gift like a bottle of wine, some local pastries, or chocolates. Something to welcome them and help them relax in your property. 



When it comes to extra things you can provide in your BnB, consider the area your property is in, and what guests might want to do in their free time. If you’re near water, providing life jackets, floaties, or beach towels might be helpful. If it gets snowy in your area, consider snow-shoes or ski equipment. Outdoor and yard essentials like patio furniture, a grill, and grilling tools will help guests to gather around outside and enjoy themselves. If you have the budget for it, consider a hot tub – they’re a massive selling point, and it will increase the demand and popularity of your vacation rental. 




You can get creative while stocking your unique property, and put your own spin on things. But be sure to always have the basic necessities in stock and easily accessible for your guests. They’ll leave your BnB satisfied and excited to return or leave a good review.