Is Triple Sheeting Beds in Your Vacation Rental a Good Idea or Not?

Triple sheeting beds in your vacation rental is definitely easier to manage at turnover. However, there are a few important things we discovered while testing this method at our own property.

Before you decide if you should triple sheet, consider:

  1. Type of guest.

  2. Whether you offer daily maid service.

  3. The length of stay.


Although simpler, triple sheeting is an odd way to make up a bed for most travelers. The average person is not familiar with it and, frankly, may find it messy and strange after a few days. So, if you have adults visiting on short stays or you make up beds daily for your guests. Then by all means, this is the way to go.

On the other hand; if you accommodate families for more than 3 nights and you don’t make up rooms. Then I urge you. DO NOT consider triple sheeting!

Our experience has shown that with longer stays and without the help of cleaning staff. Your guests will become frustrated and your duvets will inevitably become soiled.

If you decide to opt for triple sheeting. Here are a few important tips. 


Use a fitted sheet as your base layer.

Define top layer by using a striped sheet.

Watch this how-to video:


Only triple sheet for short stays or if you offer daily maid service.

Only triple sheet for adult guests.

Don’t triple sheet unless it’s easy to TUCK all of those sheets in (no flimsy bed skirts.)

Hope this helps!

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