Q. Who was VR Supplies built for? 

Exclusively for property owners and managers in the hospitality business. Namely B&B's, Short Term Rentals & Vacation Rentals. 

Hosts looking to elevate the guest experience.

People that value their time and can't afford spending too much of it provisioning their properties with everything they'll need, when they need it.

Q. Do you offer free shipping? 

Yes. However it depends generally on location and selection. Average threshold to trigger free shipping is between $250- $600. 

Q. Does my order come all at once? 

Yes. Everything comes from our one warehouse. Some items are brought in from neighbouring wholesalers, then we pack it all together, 'A La Carte'. 

Q. Why don't you have more items to choose from? 

This is our model. We have curated this selection of product specifically for BNBs, VRs and STRs. Saving hosts and managers specious time. In fact many use the site to 'Get The List of What is Needed'

Q. How do you know we will like what you've curated? 

Our focus is to consider what travelling guests prefer and expect. We also consider your cleaners and quick turn-over. And for you, the owner or manager; our job is to make provisioning and replenishing supplies as easy as possible. 

Q. How do you know what guests want? 

Our team has decades of experience distributing to the hotel industry. As well our founders own and operate their own BNB. In fact, is was the frustration they experienced while sourcing supplies at the retail level that spurned the start of VR Supplies®. 

Q. Is VR Supplies just another drop-shipper? 

No we aren't. Everything comes out of our one warehouse. As well, we pack efficiently, we have a no-waste policy by recycling boxes and packaging materials. So there's less waste and less delivery traffic. 

Q. Isn't Amazon cheaper? 

We consistently offer fair pricing for products that are hotel tried and tested. Best of all we are specialized. Everything is there in one place. You can be in and out of our store in less than 10 minutes. What is your time worth?

Q. How are your stock levels? 

We work very closely with a number of nearby wholesale hotel suppliers. Most items we stock, while some items can take 3-10 extra business days to bring in. If we run into a back-order situation, we will reach out to you with a remedy.

Q. How long does it take to receive my order

Over 60% of orders are out the door within 2-5 business days. Roughly 38% have historically taken 7-10 extra business. Then less than 2% of orders may experience further delay or a back-order, in which case we may split the order. We ship out of Vancouver BC Canada, so please allow one day per state (from Washington State) of ground travel. Or, one to 2 days per Province from BC.

Q. You're in Canada, we only buy from the USA?

Because we have so many Canadian customers with USA properties and more and more American customers with Canadian properties. It made sense to have our own broker and make the cross border paperwork seamless for all US deliveries. We take care of everything for our USA deliveries.

Q. Do you offer discounts

By and large savings are found as your cart increases in value. For example, shipping may seem high on small orders and proportionately goes down the more you spend. The same is true with discounts. 

Our shipping and handling costs are much like your guest turnover costs. Whether you book a group for one night or 15 nights your turnover expenses may be quite similar. The longer a group stays, the more inclined you are to discount their stay. The exact same principle applies here.


Q. I want to touch and feel before I order? 

We do have a sampler kit available. You just have to pay the shipping/handling. It comes with a coupon to recoup most of that cost. As well since we sell in small quantities piecemeal, It's affordable to start with a small order.

Q. What if I don't like what I order, can I return it? 

Yes you can always return items. But, it is an onerous endeavor. It is always best to avoid returns whenever possible.  Please see Return Policy for details. 

If you are a consumer looking for home use product. We recommend that you shop with your local retailer. 

For any further questions, feel free to text support at: 2 5 0 - 8 6 4 - 8 5 8 9