Shipping, Cancellations & Returns

Important points before you get started: 

    1. Free shipping? It depends on your location and product choice. Please go ahead and play around in the cart. You can get a final tally before entering sensitive payment detail. 
    2. Once you enter the secure "payment' section. The system converts to an encrypted platform. 
    3. Once your order is placed an auto-confirmation is sent to your email. If you don't receive it. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder within your email inbox. Or Text or email customer service anytime,  0r  250  864  8589
    4. Once the products are in the hands of the shipper, you will receive a Shipping Notification that will include the number of boxes and a tracking number. 
    5. This business is owned and operated by BNB property owners, with not only a background in hospitality but also an extensive history of "supply chain management".  
All From One Warehouse! Help us STOP multiple shipments or excess waste. 



Shipping and Delivery

Orders are shipped from our warehouse in Vancouver, either by ground courier or freight transport. Shipping method is determined by order size.
Our warehouse is very well stocked, and we are determined to process and ship your order within 2-10 business days. Some products are made-up as orders come in; for example duvet covers. These items could add up to 2 to 10 additional days to the process. Furthermore; products such as mattress and pillow protectors are brought in from neighbouring wholesalers and can also add 2-6 days.

Add roughly 1/2 day travel time per state. For example Washington State 1 or 2 business days of travel, where south Carolina could take up to 5 - 8 business days en-route. Then add another day or two if you're not in a major urban area.

Return Policy

We accept returns of unwashed, unused merchandise still in their original packaging for a full refund less a 10 % (our cost) restocking charge within 30 days.

Please contact us at for exact mailing instructions. Repack the item securely along with the packing slip. Return the item prepaid via an insured carrier. 

Damage or Loss

Very rare, but if there are missing boxes at delivery (see shipping notification) or any packaging is damaged, be assured we take care of shipper claims on your behalf, however a claim will not succeed unless you do the following:

•    Note it clearly (or "subject to inspection") on the delivery receipt if you're present. 
•    Keep your copy of the delivery receipt
•    Contact within 24 hours
•    Keep the damaged packing materials for inspection
•    Take pictures of the damaged items and packaging
In the even rarer chance that our awesome warehouse personnel miss an item within a box or if an item appears damaged.  Please take pictures and get in touch within 15 days. At which time we will determine the most appropriate remedy. Noting that we stand behind our products.


Please contact us immediately if you would like to cancel or modify an order. If an order has been shipped, we cannot guarantee that the order can be canceled.

If we cannot cancel an order because it has already been shipped, then please see our return policy. 
NOTE : Effective May 2020 The Credit Card processor (the bank) has stopped refunding their fee which is collected from us (the vendor) at time of purchase. This amount 3% therefore will not be refunded.